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Ibanez AG95QA-DBS - Ag Expressionist-Dark Brown Sunburst

Although it’s tailor-made for jazz, the Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AG95QA fits nicely into an array of musical circumstances. Its eye-catching quilted ash hollow body supplies you with a loud, crisp tonal character that projects strong mids and abundant low end. Plug into a high-headroom tube amp, and you’ll love the smooth, nuanced tones you get from the AG95QA’s twin Super 58 humbuckers. Or cook your tubes a bit and enjoy a biting, bluesy growl. You’ll appreciate the easy playability of the AG95QA’s 3-piece set-in neck, while its ART-1 bridge ensures ample sustain and tuning stability. Complete with a bound ebony fingerboard, the AG95QA is a fine hollowbody guitar.