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coupleDots Biodegradable Bamboo Drinking Straws

Bamboo drinking straws have it all. They're fun, eco-friendly, very durable and easily compostable. You will certainly turn some heads when you show off your new straw at your favorite restaurant. Bamboo straws leave minimal carbon footprint on our planet as they're made from highly reusable resource and biodegrade easily after disposed. 
Pick from our natural or polished look.
  • GREAT TRAVEL COMPANION - as more and more restaurants and resorts get rid of disposable plastic straws these are great alternative to have with you all the time anywhere you go.
  • GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - The whole set is 100% biodegradable. The straws are plant based organic bamboo containing no inks nor lacquers, the pouch is linen and the box is made from recycled paper. No carbon footprint from this set :-)
  • GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION - either drinks at home, or cocktails at your tiki bar these are worthy picks to add to your home or your travel kit. Shakes, cocktails, smoothies, water coffee or tea. Great for parties, gifts, family gatherings.
  • EASY CARE - after use just rinse with warm water and clean with the straw cleaning brush included in the set.
  • DISCLAIMER - Being a natural bamboo this item will slightly differ from the one pictured