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Cigars Necklace


We've all seen her: that bad-ass granny, smoking on Cubans, posing for pictures on the streets of Havana. Awesome. Well this has absolutely nothing to do with that- our Cigarettes Necklace was so popular last season we thought we'd brighten up the palette, adding a little seafoam-y green to the mix. Hand-made with a one-of-a-kind chunk of raw amazonite, and a thick raw brass chain. Chain length is 24 inches (top) and 6 inches (dangle) not including the stone (1.5 - 3 inches). All hardware is 100% brass. 

Amazonite is curiously named after the amazon river but no deposits have been found there. It's mostly found in Canada (yay), Madagascar, Mexico, Russia and parts of Africa. Amazonite traditionally has been tied to fertility and protection. it can also help to access distant memories, inspire creativity and personal expression, release blocked emotions, and stimulate communication.