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(Em)powering Small Business

Locorum was founded as a vendor-centric platform to empower small business in the digital world - and give customers the ability to find local products in one place. By bringing us together in one community, we are able to achieve economies of scale ranging from search rankings and advertising to logistics.

To Qualify

discounted Shipping on all locorum orders

Free to Join & No monthly fees.

access to 10k+ new customers


Not Another Channel

There’s no need to operate another sales channel. We integrate with all major e-commerce platforms. Connect once and your products/inventory automatically update on Locorum.

Locorum orders are routed directly to your existing store. No need to change your workflow or manage another channel. We built Locorum to make life easier for you, not harder.

Easy commission

Locorum works solely off commission so you only pay when you sell. Each sale has a flat rate commission, no hidden fees or charges. Commission is a flat rate 20% charged only when an order is placed and includes platform customer service, all transaction fees and national shipping. What vendors save on shipping often offsets the entire commission.

Payouts are automatically deposited into your connected PayPal account. What vendors save on shipping often offsets the entire commission.


How do orders work?

Orders come through Locorum and will appear on your current e-commerce store order with ‘LC’ in front of the order number (ex. LC-2045). You also get an email notifying you of the order which includes a reminder on how to fulfill it. A free shipping label is provided via a link in the order notes. Just click, print and stick it on your package. The order is now ready to ship with Canada Post.

If you do not have orders connected to your store and are fulfilling via the portal, just print the label via the print label button.

Who pays for shipping?

Locorum covers shipping for you, so you pay $0 to ship with Locorum. For many vendors this amounts to enormous savings compared to selling even via their own store.

How? We're bringing small businesses together to leverage the economies of scale typically enjoyed by only behemoth multinationals. Our members get killer rates and you get free shipping. One way we're building small business.

How do I get paid?

During onboarding you will connect your PayPal account. Locorum automatically deposits your payments, less commission, into your PayPal account. You can always access invoices and see outstanding payments in the vendor portal.

How do returns work?

We know this a pain point for online businesses, so we handle this for you. All eligible products are subject to a 30-day return policy. A customer will raise a return and be provided a label. You’ll be notified when a return is processed, and you simply need to confirm receipt of the return package which lets us refund the customer. Any returns are automatically deducted from your payouts.

Am I tied into a contract?

Absolutely not. When you sign up you will fill out our terms and conditions but there is no obligation to remain on the platform for any period of time. You’re free to remove your products anytime and cancel your account. Any balance owing on orders will be paid. But we’ll just a be a little sad to see you go!

What can I expect in sales?

Locorum is a small business too, we launched our pilot platform in November 2020, so we’re pretty new! What we’re building takes time as we grow vendor selection, membership and awareness. Sales will be heavily dependent on product, quality of photos/descriptions – all things we can help with. We always like to set expectations though; this is a marathon, and the finish line is a small business community like no other, working together to go up against the big players. Don’t expect 50 orders your first month on. Some brands see immediate return, some take time to get traction. That’s why it was so important to us that we make the platform free, giving businesses the chance to grow with us risk free.

Can I list my service business?

Yes, services are coming soon. This will leverage user ratings so first comers will have a leg up in rankings. Sign up and you’ll be notified as soon as you can create a profile.

Can I list my restaurant gift cards?

Absolutely, Locorum sells gift cards for restaurants. This is one of the most popular ways for members to redeem their credit. We tested one solution for gift cards and are in the process of upgrading it. Sign up and you will be notified as soon as you’re able to list.