How it Works
How it Works

How Locorum works

Earn on Services

Search local Service Providers on Locorum, see verfied reviews from other members and the rewards you can earn from hiring them.

Just click contact and the Service Provider will receive your preferred contact method.

You facilitate the transaction offline just as you usually would and pay the service provider directly.

Receive your rewards

When a transaction finishes up with your hired service provider, they will ‘complete’ the transaction on Locorum.

Once you leave them a verified review, your rewards are automatically loaded onto your Locorum Rewards Mastercard.

If it’s your first time, your card will be mailed out right away - after that, it will be auto-matically reloaded every time you earn.

How it Works
How it Works

Redeem your rewards

Our mission is to support local businesses. So we have created a huge directory of verified, locally owned small businesses in your city to make it easy for you to find the places you can spend your rewards.

Search restaurants, shops and literally anything to find local options near you.

You can shop online or in person at any business on the directory. Just use your Locorum Rewards Mastercard like you would any other pre-paid card.

Business Resources

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